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In the West, Diogenes of Apollonia, a Greek philosopher of the 5th century bce, introduced mystical ideas into Greek philosophy. Diogenes maintained that “all existing things are created by the alteration of the same thing, and are the same thing.” This one ultimate substance,

 according to Diogenes, has nous (“mind” or “intellect”) and “is called Air.” All humans and animals breath Air, which “for them is both Soul (Life) and Intelligence.” In his Nicomachean Ethics, 

the Greek philosopher Aristotle stated that the contemplative life consists of the soul’s participation in the eternal through a union between the soul’s rational faculty and the nous that imparts intelligibility to the cosmos.
In deep trances, when a shaman is oblivious to physical reality, he may undertake a “spirit journey.” In a vivid continuous visionary state,
the shaman experiences himself in disembodied form, flying away from the place of the séance to a distant location to visit ghosts, spirits, or gods.
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